CHORAL WORKS (listed alphabetically)

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Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 4 minutes

Amazing Grace

Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 7 minutes

Deep in the Night

Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 6 minutes

Fiddlin' (from Southern Grace)

Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 2 minutes

The Fox (from Southern Grace)

Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 3-4 minutes

Hear My Voice

Scoring: 3-Part Mixed Choir and Piano
Duration: 4 minutes

Purchase information: This piece is not published by Lawdon Press. It is available for purchase from Hal Leonard Publishing.

Invitation to Love

Scoring: SATB
Duration: 4 minutes

Love Came Down

Scoring: solo soprano, SATB, harp
Duration: 4 minutes

My True Love's Hair (from Southern Grace)

Scoring: SSAA chorus
Duration: 3 minutes

O magnum mysterium

  • SATB chorus, 2 flutes, 2 crystal glasses, chimes (version A)
  • SATB chorus, organ (version B)
  • SATB chorus, a cappella (version C)
Duration: 6 minutes

On the Death of the Righteous

SATB chorus, orchestra:
3 (3rd also picc), 2, 2, 4
4, 5, 3 picc trpt., 3, 3, 1
timp, 1 perc
Text: John Donne
Duration: 12 minutes

Our Beautiful Country (from Cold Mountain)

Instrumentation: TTBB
Duration: 3.5-4 minutes

A Quiet Moment

  • TTBB chorus (version A)
  • SSAA chorus (version B)
  • SATB chorus (version C)
Duration: 3 minutes

The Riddle Song (from Southern Grace)

Duration: 2-3 minutes


Instrumentation: SATB choir and chamber ensemble (total of 12 players)
1,1 (doubling bass clarinet),1
1 perc
2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 contrabass
Texts:  Rumi, Translation by Coleman Barks
Duration: 17 minutes

Call for Rental Fees of Parts


Scoring: SSAATTBB chorus
(text in English and Latin)
Duration: 4 minutes

Sing, Sing

Scoring: SATB chorus
Duration: 3 minutes

The Singing Rooms

Scoring: solo violin, SATB chorus, orchestra:
2, 2 (2nd also Eng. hn) 2, 2
4, 3 (1st also picc. tpt) 3, 1
timp, 2 perc
Text: Jeanne Minahan
Duration: 37 minutes

somewhere i have never travelled,
gladly beyond

Scoring: SATB chorus, vibraphone, piano
Text: e.e. cummings (poem used by permission of Liveright, the e.e. cummings Estate)
Duration: 5 minutes

Sourwood Mountain (from Southern Grace)

SATB (Version A)
TTBB (Version B) SSAA chorus
Duration: 2 minutes

Southern Grace

Scoring: SATB chorus
Movements (can be performed independently):
  • Fiddlin'
  • Wildwood Flower
  • Swing
  • My True Love's Hair
  • The Fox
  • Riddle Song
  • Sourwood Mountain
  • Amazing Grace
Duration: 24 minutes

Swing (from Southern Grace)

SATB chorus
Duration: 2 minutes


Scoring: SATB
Duration: 6 minutes

Voice of the Bard

Scoring: TTBB chorus
Text: William Blake
Duration: 4 minutes

What Was His Name? (from Cold Mountain)

Instrumentation: TTBB & Piano and Solo Soprano/Solo Alto/TTBB
Duration: 2.5-3 minutes

Wildwood Flower (from Southern Grace)

SATB chorus
Duration: 3 minutes